Manufacturer of machines for the processing
of sheet in coils

Spółka Stolarczyk was incorporated in 1991. It is a family-owned company, which specialised in the repair and modernisation of industrial equipment during the early years of its operation. Since the mid-1990s, it has been manufacturing machines and equipment for the processing of sheet in coils.


3 designers


more than 1,000 machines built


10 years of safety

Professional uncoilers

An uncoiler is a device used to unwind sheet coils and, thus, ensure the appropriate sheet feed rate. The design of uncoilers varies according to the maximum weight of the coil. The uncoiler consists of a spindle, which may or may not be electrically driven (all uncoilers with a permissible coil weight exceeding 1 tonne, i.e. with code RS2, are equipped with such a drive). The spindle is used to hold the coil and is equipped with arms that are expanded manually using a crank or hydraulically. All drive-equipped uncoilers have stepless rotational speed control. The sheet uncoiling rate is controlled by the reaction arm that responds to the sheet stock. The uncoiler operates in manual and automatic mode and is controlled using the control panel on the uncoiler.

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