About our company

Spółka Stolarczyk was incorporated in 1991. It is a family-owned company, which specialised in the repair and modernisation of industrial equipment during the early years of its operation. Since the mid-1990s, it has been manufacturing machines and equipment for the processing of sheet in coils.

A team of designers and experienced employees design and carry out tasks set by our customers.

Our solutions optimise, automate and improve production processes by reducing costs associated with the manufacture of products.

We are aware of the need for continuous development. By responding to the needs of the market, we try to stay one step ahead.

Examples of projects:


  • unwinding of sheet coils,
  • storage of coils,
  • rewinding of uncut sheet from coil to coil,
  • slitting of sheet from coils,
  • cutting of coils into sheets,
  • automatic palletisation of products,
  • automatic transport of products,
  • foil wrapping of products,
  • automatic coil joining system.