Coiler NSJ05M

Product characteristics


Metric units

Imperial units

Maximal weight of the coil

5000 kg

11 020 pounds = 5 1/2 short tons

Sheet metal thickness range

 from 0,4 mm up to 1 mm

 from 28 up to 19 gauge

Maximal external diameter of the coil

1100 mm

43 1/inches

Internal diameter of the coil

508 mm

20 inches

Maximal width of the coil

1250 mm

49 1/inches

Height of mandrel axis

1100 mm

43 1/inches

Maximal velocity

33 m/min

108 1/4 feet per minute

Maximal amount of recoiled stripes



Strip width range

from 150 mm up to 500 mm

from 5 9/10  up to 19 2/inches

Amount of people to operate



Mandrel drive



Speed regulation

Automatic, loop control arm


Mandrel jaws extending method

Manual – by crank


Method of clamping sheet metal into mandrel jaw

Manual – by crank


Mandrel’s support frame

Manually opened


Pressure arm



A method of sheet metal tensioning

A friction felt brake


A method of  friction linings setting

By clamping bars


Mass of the machine

3960 kg

8730 pounds


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